Why book me?


The moment you start looking for your wedding photographer, you'll realise there's hundreds of us out there! I believe the key to finding the right photographer for you is choosing someone who matches your values and needs. Loving your prospective photographer's work is very important but finding someone you can trust to meet your expectations, finding someone you click with means you'll end up with pretty pictures and you'll have a blast during the process! Here's a rundown of my approach, things I believe make me stand out from other photographers.




My all-inclusive approach

Forget starting with a basic package and a confusing add-on process - My collections always include full-day coverage by 2 photographers, digital files, a fine art canvas, luxury album, slideshow and web gallery as standard. Everything but the kitchen sink!

My digital approach

I've embraced the digital era in many ways, including digital copies of our wedding contract, payments, questionnaires, timelines and shot lists along with providing each client with high-res digital files to use as you wish. Thanks to my personalised online galleries, you can view and download your wedding photographs from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and on most device types.

My professional approach

I love my job and have so much fun doing it, but I do take it seriously and ensure I'm always equipped to do my best by you. This means having back-up equipment, back-up photographers, contracts and a comprehensive insurance policy. While having these measures mean a higher cost to run my business, it offers my clients professionalism and peace of mind.

My bespoke approach

Each individual client is very important to me and I like to take the time to get to know you. We will meet a couple of times before your big day, I'll put together your personal shot list and timeline, and I'll visit your venue if I haven't been there before to check out locations for your photographs. We can even have a pre-wedding photo session as a practice for the big day!

Wedding photography is my full-time job which means my customers can reach me any time of the day, any day of the week. This helps me offer a more responsive and bespoke service, and you'll receive your photographs in a very reasonable timeframe. Your photographs are my priority, not my sideline!

My full-time approach

There's a certain level of confidence and competence that comes with photographing over 200 weddings, and having the confidence to do my job well means I'm pretty relaxed. I love being able to bring so much experience along with me to each wedding! I'm always happy to share advice, recommendations, suggestions and explanations be it regarding photography, or if you're looking for a good florist recommendation!