Intro to Photography Workshops

Do you own a camera but get lost with the technical aspects?
Looking for a hands-on workshop without loads of tech jargon?
Ready to ditch Auto mode and take full control with Manual mode?


We are hosting workshops designed to get you and your camera out of auto mode, and creating some amazing photographs by taking control of manual settings. Our workshops aren't filled with complicated scientific jargon but give a memorable and comprehensive overview of the technical side of photography in a practical way. You will have one-to-one time with a model to try out your new-found techniques, and will take home an information pack with the full workshop content. 

Our Intro to Photography workshops will teach you:

- How to completely control your aperture, shutter speed and ISO -
- How to use settings such as white balance, metering, and focus modes -
- Composition techniques and how to take a photo with visual impact -
- How to choose the best camera and accessories for you and your budget -
- How to avoid blur, camera shake and grainy photographs -
- How to “see the light” and how to make the most of it -
- How to process your shots for added impact -
- How to find, direct and pose a model -
- How to use inexpensive lighting for maximum results -

- And much much more! -


We will also give a complete understand of terminology such as sensors, megapixels, compensation, bracketing, metering and much more with live demonstrations. 

We will be working with a model and our studio offers more than just plain white backgrounds - we have a range of sets and furniture for you to choose from!

Each workshop is broken down in to 2 hours of presentation, a 1 hour break for lunch (lunch not included but there are local amenities) followed by 2 hours of practical demonstrations and a photography session with a model.

All workshops are held at our professional photography studio in Dundee city centre, and participants must be 16 years old or above.

Our next two workshops take place on:

Saturday 27th February at 11am-4pm

Tuesday 15th March at 4pm-9pm


This workshop costs £99 per person and we require this to be paid upon reservation of your space. Please note that this is non-refundable but transferrable to another workshop date should you need to re-arrange.


While this workshop is aimed at complete beginners, and the knowledge gained can be applied to any type of photography, you will get the best out of us by bringing along a digital camera with full manual controls. SLR cameras and Compact System cameras are preferrable, but some Bridge cameras will allow full manual control. If you don't have a camera of your own I may be able to supply you with one, or you can borrow a friends camera. Don't forget a memory card too!

To book your place or ask any questions, please fill out the following form: